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Water Cups

Cups are used for all water and sports drinks on course at Brighton Marathon and BM10k. 
Water, High5 Hydration Drinks and Energy Gels will be available across the course located on or very close to the miles as indicated. 
Cups have been tried and tested extensively and are used regularly at other international running events such as Berlin Marathon and New York Marathon.
The use of cups also means that distribution of fluid is wider with more water stations along the course. Our runners will therefore be able to access water and sports drinks more often on their run. 

A Word On Nutrition

Cups are used at the event for a number of reasons, including specialist advice from our Medical Director and our official nutrition partner 'A Word On Nutrition'.
"The two main nutrition factors that affect your marathon performance are fuel and hydration. Hydration simply refers to the ability of a runner to maintain normal body water levels during the 26.2 miles. We know that a runners ability to maintain the pace that they want, is reduced the more dehydrated they become. To avoid dehydration runners will need to drink water or other fluids along the course to try and offset the fluid lost as sweat. 
There is no hard and fast rule, or the "ideal" quantity, to staying hydrated. Inevitably it is the adherence to the mantra that "common sense" applies. Ideally, look to drink little and often throughout the race to ensure a simple and constant supply of fluids. This is important to avoid large quantities in one go which can cause stomach discomfort and that feeling of being bloated. The now increased number of drink stations on course allow the ability to "swig" a few mouthfuls regularly, and therefore reduce the risk of under- or over-drinking."
Nick Morgan, A Word On Nutrition 
Official Nutrition Partner for Brighton Marathon Weekend

Tips on Using Cups

A lot of runners may be concerned about how to use cups, having not used them in their training or at other races. Don't worry, thousands have used cups in other marathons and events successfully, including the elite athletes - it is unlikely to cause you to lose vital minutes. 

There will be just enough fluid (175-200ml) in each cup to rejuvenate but not enough to spill. 

Here are some handy tips:
  • Grab the cup and pinch it at the top on one end or in the middle as pictured. This will create a funnel to control the pouring of water and also limit the amount of water splashing out. 
  • Remember, you don’t need to get all the water down in a few seconds; you can take your time while drinking and remember to breathe.
  • If you can, test this out in your training - or perhaps set some up that you can run up to and grab and drink in your garden or even in the street.


We as an organisation and our partners, are very concerned and mindful of waste at the event. Previously we have seen a huge amount of fluid wasteage on course due to the use of bottles - a runner can only take on so much while running before discarding the bottle still two thirds full.

In previous years we have seen up to 50% of water and 75% of sports drinks wasted through the use of pouches and bottles. By using cups, we can distribute the fluid more efficiently and reduce this waste.

As in all previous marathons we will also maintain a rigorous clear-up effort after the event and recycle cups after use.



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