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Injury Prevention

Welcome to the injury prevention and advice page. Body Rehab Studios is the official physiotherapy partner to the Brighton Marathon Weekend. Our job is to look after you and your body in preparation for April 9th 2017. 
Over the year we will be providing advice and key tips about injury prevention, stretching and common running injuries in your runner emails - so look out for them!

Why Invest in a Physio?

All runners have niggles, injuries and old war wounds. To get through all your training and the marathon unscathed would be quite unheard of. The most important factor is what you can do along the way to best avoid and manage any injuries.
Physically you might find some benefit from undertaking a screening process or MOT, where a physiotherapist can undertake a full and thorough assessment of you, to determine where potential problems with flexibility, control, stability, strength and alignment may lead to injury inhibiting training and performance.
Understanding where these issues are and working to prevent them whilst you are training can ensure a much more productive and efficient training programme, helping to keep you injury free.
However, at the beginning of your training there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure that you get you through those tough winter runs, problem-free...

Are you fit enough?

Firstly, you need to consider ‘are you fit enough to start your training?’
For some runners it would be better to increase general fitness levels first, in a non-impact activity such as cycling or on a cross trainer. This will allow your cardio vascular system to get going initially, without putting the joints under stress. This would be more ideal for those runners who may be thinking of running for weight loss, or have on-going joint problems. This is also a good idea for ladies coming into running after having children.
You may also want to consider the following points:
  • Do you need to change your running technique? 
  • Do you have enough flexibility and core stability to allow your body to cope with the challenge of a marathon? 
By visiting a good physio or experienced personal (running) trainer you will be able to gather more information about adapting training to suit your needs. 

Are you in the right shoes?

We can’t stress enough how important it is to spend time and money on the right footwear. Be sure to visit a reputable running shoe shop to make sure you start off in the correct shoes. 
Also, do check if your current shoes are becoming too worn out. Please do not use the sole as a guide, have a look at the side of the shoe. If you see stress lines and buckling in the grey and white arch of the shoes, you need new ones!
If you have a lot of callouses, blisters or black toe nails then you also need new shoes! We commonly see runners with shin splints, knee pain and ITB syndrome which are caused mainly by wearing the wrong shoes.
You can save yourself from experiencing problems further down the line by getting it right from day one.

Perfect Prep Package and Body M.O.T

Here at Body Rehab we know what it takes to get you through the long winter and bouncing into spring fit and ready to go - our Perfect Preparation Package offers inlcludes an MOT body check appointment, two sports massages as well as a core stability assessment using our real-time ultrasound scanner all for just £80.

The perfect present to yourself or a loved one to get them in tip top shape on the start line in April. Get in touch with us about booking your first appointment today:

Body Rehab Studios
5 The Drive
Telephone: 01273 746898 


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